Supercar Renting: 3 Popular Picks in New Zealand

Let’s face it; most people can’t afford to have an exotic car as their daily drive. These vehicles come with pretty hefty price tags and fuel consumption that is a class above the rest. That’s why folks prefer renting these bad boys, rather than owning them.

These are the most sought after supercars according to car rental companies.


There is something about Lamborghini that makes it so appealing to the masses. Maybe it’s the unique design or fighter jet theme. Whatever the reason, this car is the most sort after rental-car in the nation right now. In fact, you have to book these bad boys in advance to get your chance to play. For example, if someone booked a Lambo for a day, two weeks ago, and someone else walks in and tries to hire it for a week, the first guy will get the car.


Just like the Lamborghini, Ferrari has made quite a name for itself with its beautiful and powerful luxury vehicles. This automaker takes a more conventional approach to designing autos, so they look more inviting and less intimidating than other options in their class. Every supercar rental company owns one, and they go like hotcakes.


Mclaren may not be as famous as the other exotics in this list, but they still attract quite some buzz in the market. Mostly, people who rent this vehicle are business owners who own them at home and try to stay at the same level even when out on business trips. Other times, renters are people who have had their fun with Lambos and are looking for a change.

There you have it, the most rented exotic cars in the country. Expect to pay premium prices to have these cars and also be extra careful when driving. The last thing you want is to get into a legal battle with insurance and the car rental company.