Top 3 Investment Opportunities in the Supercar Industry 2020

There’s something about supercars that has everyone drooling for a ride. Maybe it’s the insanely powerful engines, luxurious interiors, or the bold fashion statement that comes with cruising in one of these bad boys. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that New Zealand’s supercar industry is very healthy. Here are some investment opportunities for those who dare.

Open a Car-Themed Online Casino

According to a recent insider report, New Zealanders are pouring money into legit online casinos. As a business person, that should be great news as you can tap into this market by providing car-themed games on your online casino. All you have to is find reputable service providers and do your homework on the most popular games. That, combined with an attractive website and tempting prize pools, should make the casino profitable in no time. Feel free to Play Spin palace to get a feel of what the market expects and also generate some winnings.

Open a Supercar Track

If you have a plot of land sitting idle, you might want to consider building a track for supercar racing. The idea is to find a challenging design that can accommodate fast cars. This opportunity will obviously need a substantial investment, so you might want to pool funds with a couple of like-minded investors to make it work. Also, don’t forget to include a decent marketing budget.

A Supercar Rental Business

While most people cannot afford to own a supercar, renting one is always an option. On average, a used supercar will cost anywhere between $100K and $200K, which is well beyond most people’s budgets. However, it costs around $1,500 to $3,000 to have a supercar for a whole day. As a business owner, this is an opportunity to buy several of these cars and put them up for hire. You can even partner with a race track and charge even smaller amounts for a few laps – which happens to be very profitable.