Coronavirus Forces Delay of all Supercar Races

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, all supercar races in New Zealand have been postponed to June 2020. The New Zealand government says all non-essential congregations of people are strictly prohibited until this highly contagious virus dies off. That means the Tasmania, New Zealand, and Perth rounds will have to wait.

Limited Course Activity

Currently, there is little to no activity on tracks all over the country. Practise is classified as a non-essential activity as all supercar races have been cancelled. As a result, the hosts, media, and other stakeholders will have to incur substantial losses.

People Are Asking for Ticket Refunds

Fans who had bought tickets to supercar events are now asking for a full refund. The relevant authorities have released a statement saying the tickets will remain valid for the next race, but some people are still sceptical. Anyone who wishes to go through with the refund will have to wait for 30 days, and those who stick it out will get the new event dates as soon as they are available.

A Cloud of Uncertainty Hangs Over the Next Event Dates

There is a lot that goes into planning an entire supercar race, more than most people might think. Activities range from ticket sales to putting the right teams on the track. That means that we can’t expect any event to happen in early June, as everyone will be trying to prepare. Also, it is not clear how these event organisers will structure their calenders. In essence, the last thing anybody would want is to choose between two major events happening on the same weekend.

The Bottom Line

That said, it is safe to say that COVID-19 has ruined this year’s supercar event calendar. Looses are coming in from every direction, and fans will have to find alternative sources of entertainment until this situation is finally behind us.