Welcome to the Home of Supercars

Welcome to the home of supercars. We cover everything you need to know about exotic cars, from the latest entries to investment opportunities and everything in between. Think of it as a supercar information hub where you get the latest news of happenings in and around the industry.

Some of the Articles You Can Expect to See

The hottest supercars this year: In all honesty, there is hardly a mediocre entry in the exotic car stable. However, some car makers do an exceptional job, and we are going to discuss them in detail.

Investing in supercars: This blog wouldn’t be complete without an informative article about investing in the lucrative supercar niche. That said, check out our blog for the best opportunities available right now.

Supercar events: We have a list of all the exotic car events and functions that happen within the nation and abroad. Some of these events will be launches, others are car shows, but the bulk of them will be supercar races.

Factors to look out for when renting a supercar: There are a lot of factors to consider when renting an exotic car. Check out our blog post for the complete list.

Supercars to rent in New Zealand: Ever wondered which supercars are most popular in New Zealand? Well, we have a list of the top three exotic cars people love to rent in the country. Number three will surprise you.

There is a lot more than just this information, so feel free to look around.